Nelson Upholstery Studio provides a full suite of services including furniture upholstery, reupholstery and repair, antique furniture restoration, wood refinishing and repair.

We offer comprehensive consultation and a large variety of fabric choices for your chair, sofa, loveseat, or custom project and expert color matching for your wood refinishing job. It’s our name on the door so we are committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship for your project with the utmost attention to detail. We welcome all residential and commercial clients and look forward to bringing that special piece of furniture that you love back to its original perfection.

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Our Services:

Furniture Upholstery

We upholster anything from cornices to sofas, chairs, and walls. At Nelson Upholstery we replace and or repair cushion stuffing on removable cushions. Upholstered pieces require many more hours to replace failed stuffing. We try our best to finish your upholstered piece in a timely fashion although all projects are different so the time to finish a job depends on the size of the piece.

Antique Upholstery

We work on antique upholstery which uses horsehair and cotton as stuffing. Modern stuffing consists of urethane foam and fiber. With an antique piece, if possible, we try to remove the horsehair, wash and dry it and put it back in the piece or purchase new horsehair. Antique upholstered pieces are more about the filler. 

Wood Refinishing and Repair

Our wood refinishing includes hand stripping the finish of your piece, fine sanding, custom stain matching for any piece of furniture done in our shop and sealing the wood. We do wood repair for wobbly frames. For wood antique restoration we restore the current finish rather than stripping and starting over. We also repair caning on chairs and Rush restoration.

Custom Built Furniture

Nelson Upholstery Studio can create and build custom built furniture to suit your space, tastes or accomodations. We need pictures and dimensions for your custom job.

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Large Selection of Fabrics

In our shop, we carry a large selection of fabric samples to choose from or you can visit two different websites that we use to supply our fabric. To view fabric styles and colors online go to or

We also carry a large selection of nails and trims.